Specialized web based GIS Systems to meet any of your geospatial requirements.

Created and developed by our technology partners, these GIS products enable you to manage, store and analyze satellite and aerial imagery products along with your own geo-referenced data (both vector and raster). These customizable products are user-friendly, versatile, and can be integrated into any existing IT infrastructure with minimum effort and overhead to your business.

Crime Prediction Engine

Crime Prediction Engine accommodates all existing datasets and datasets to accumulate maximum available historical data in order to better interpret and analyze information and ultimately accurately predict future crimes.


GeoAxel is SIME’s flagship enterprise 3D visualization environment which allows you to visualize your geospatial data (vector and raster) on a 3D terrain or city mode, all within a flexible framework that is optimized for analytical applications.

GeoServ Plus

GeoServ is designed and developed to enable you to leverage GIS everywhere. GeoServ serves as a complete, self-contained application that enables timely retrieval of information, advanced analysis, quick integration and secure dissemination of information.


AnalystPlus is an imagery intelligence lifecycle management system that supports the storage, retrieval and management of digital non-spatial/spatial data. It is a versatile tool for mission planning, command & control centers and defense organizations.

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